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As we look into the emergent reality, organisations are actively looking at developing capabilities that help them in navigating the dynamic world that we live in. One of the key need is of institutionalising ‘failure’ as part of the DNA.

It is easier said than done, as organisations continue to tread a fine line between short-term goals versus long-term foresight. There are plausible ways through which organisational culture can be built upon. This is where the interplay of Business Thinking, Design Thinking and Futures Thinking comes to the fore.

Le Monturé Strategy (founded in 2013) operates at the intersection of behaviour, business and innovation. Through our vantage point, we are able to have a multi-dimensional perspective that allows us to improve the efficacy of the outcome and drive value for our clients.

With an in-depth cross-domain experience in research, analysis and strategy, our strengths lie in…

Client speak

"Sajid led the project and handled the assignment with great ability. He handled all our demands calmly and with patience; ensuring that our senior stakeholders were also equally invested in the project. He was able to bring in wonderful insights to our understanding of our customers; which are helping BPCL shape its service solutions."

~ Jasneet H | Sr. Manager, Corporate Strategy, BPCL

“We spent several intensive weeks with Sajid as a mentor in the German Accelerator's Next Step India Program. During this time, Sajid provided useful orientation information. His knowledge and his passion for the Indian education market and its development gave us excellent insight. He has understood how to dock ODE as a whole with the corresponding network potential.”

~ Gordian Overschmidt | CEO, ODE Systems

"Sajid has been a great partner to work with. On more than one occasion when I had the chance to work with him; there was always a sense of confidence that he inspires. Especially in the field of innovation and design thinking, where there are so many variables; Sajid's presence was reassuring. What he says is what you get. And that is a great trait to have."

~ Rohit Parelkar | General Manager - Design Thinking, Aditya Birla Group

Opportunity boosters / Ecosystem partners

Strategy musings

An aggregation of learnings in the form of ideas, insights, case studies and “what if” scenarios that intersect between behaviour, business and innovation